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Permanent Makeup

We are dedicated to assuring proper care is taken with each patient to assess a solution for improving your look with permanent makeup. Our standard operations and procedures are in compliance with the guidelines of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) and Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) code of ethics.

Why Permanent Makeup?

  • Enjoy an active lifestyle with less time applying topical makeup
  • Combat aging in eyes, brows and lips do to hair loss, hormones and genetic aging of the face
  • Eliminate the worry of applying topical makeup or cosmetics due to arthritic pain or vision challenges
  • Maintain a natural no makeup appearance for an all-day ageless, fresh, and natural look.

Permanent Makeup is a Perfect Solution for:

  • Countering the effects of aging in the brows, eyes or lips
  • Hair loss resulting from alopecia, cosmetic surgery or chemotherapy
  • Physically challenged individuals who have limited dexterity in hands due to arthritic pain
  • Feeling beautiful and enjoying a natural “no makeup” look

How Does It Work?

Permanent makeup and the use of micro pigmentation is a well respected cosmetic procedure for improving and complementing asymmetry and aging features of the face. Permanent makeup is the process of implanting medical grade color pigment into the epidermis and dermal layer of the skin with procedures utilizing various devices, including machines and hand devices. The techniques used are medically proven and industry safe – with limited down time. The process includes a consultation, the application of pigment, and at least one or more follow up visits for evaluating the healed design work and color of the pigment.

Services available in individualized custom colors include:

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

  • Wake up more beautiful with a fresh natural “no makeup” look without worry
  • Spend less time applying topical makeup
  • Regain the natural symmetry of your facial features lost due to the effects of facial aging

For clients who have a history of herpes simplex breakouts, it is recommended that a pre- prescribed prophylactic dose of Valacycovir (Valtrex) be taken for management of herpes viral infection prior to permanent makeup procedures for lips and facial micro needling procedures.