Expert Care from Daisi Permanent Makeup & Skincare Aesthetics

All procedures are carried out by a licensed medical aesthetician, certified micro-pigmentation and permanent cosmetic specialist. We incorporate top-quality skincare products Skin Biology and Neova into our treatments.

We are a deluxe, ageless skincare clinic serving Maryland and the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Established in 2013 by Lisa Franklin-Daisey, this center offers a unique combination of permanent makeup and skincare treatments as well as specialty services. Our techniques are medically proven and industry-safe with limited downtime.

We provide a number of cosmetic services individually tailored to improve appearance of the skin through the treatment of conditions, including:

  • Scars

  • Wrinkles

  • Skin Laxity

  • Rosacea

  • Sun Spots

  • Stretch Marks

  • Cellulite

  • Hair Loss

  • Skin Discoloration

  • Spider Veins

Consultations are required prior to undertaking these procedures. For clients who have a history of herpes simplex breakouts, it is recommended that a pre-prescribed prophylactic dose of Valacycovir (Valtrex) be taken for management of herpes viral infection prior to permanent makeup procedures for lips and facial micro-needling procedures.


Scar Revision & Tattoo Corrective Treatments

We also offer natural and healthy alternative solutions to remove or adjust unwanted tattoo art designs. Services include tattoo redesign, color correction, and tattoo removal. These techniques are natural, and solution is an organic, naturally-occurring compound. This revolutionary method requires fewer sessions than traditional laser removal and are less costly as a result. The scar revision treatments reduce the appearance of acne scarring, post-traumatic scars, stretch marks, surgical scars, and unwanted tattoos. Used singly or in combination with each other you can get the effect that you desire.

Medical Micropigmentation & Permanent Makeup

Our medical micropigmentation services include camouflage, areola re-pigmentation, and treatment for vitiligo, diminishing the appearance of post-surgical scarring and hypo-pigmentation.

Some medical insurers cover re-pigmentation procedures under breast cancer reconstruction benefits.

Cryotherapeutic Face & Body Modifications

Cryo, from the Greek ‘kryos’ for ‘icy cold’, is used as a modality to stimulate a beneficial physiological response from the body. Using the cooling power of carbon dioxide (CO2) – Allows a localized area of skin (the abdomen, a thigh, shoulder etc.) to be cooled quickly from around 95oF to 39oF in less than 30 sec. This temp shock causes blood vessels in the underlying tissue to constrict as a way of protecting the body’s core temperature without affecting the surrounding tissue. Unwanted by-products and waste produced from natural body processes are removed from the area.

Lisa Franklin-Daisey

Affiliations, Certifications & Training

Lisa is a licensed medical esthetician and accomplished allied health professional. She is an experienced CPCP certified permanent makeup artisan, medical micro-pigmentation specialist, and skincare aesthetics practitioner, offering a variety of custom tailored, minimally invasive, cosmetic and skincare treatments. Lisa’s goal is to help clients diminish the appearance of unwanted signs of aging and to nourish, shield, and protect the skin from today’s damaging environmental influences.

“My interest in permanent makeup and skincare aesthetic treatments stems from my compassion for people and from a desire to provide less-invasive, alternative solutions to maintaining health and beauty. I take pride in using my artistic abilities as well as my medical knowledge and experience to make people feel more confident and beautiful. I am dedicated to the code of ethics founded in accordance with the art and science of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and the Association of Skincare Professionals.”

Cosmetic Services

We provide a wide variety of treatments for the improvement of the skin


Individualized treatments upon a skin analysis to attain health and rejuvenation of the skin.

Permanent Makeup

Enjoy an active lifestyle with your choice of permanent makeup without the hassle.



Roslyn Rawles
Roslyn Rawles
July 12, 2023.
I came to Daisi for eyebrow augmentation. I threw away my eyebrow pencils they are no longer needed. I love my new eyebrows. If you are thinking about doing this procedure, I say "Do it" and please go to Daisi. I would like to thank Lisa the owner and the Estheticians that did my eyebrows for doing such an amazing job, she’s an absolutely lovely person who is professional and dedicated to her work and will make sure that she does a perfect job. I highly recommend her services.
Shamaila M
Shamaila M
April 12, 2023.
Lisa is a great person and it felt like I’ve known her for so many years because how she welcomes you and takes care of you and give you advices to be used after the treatments. She did micro needling treatments and I feel so good and receive many compliments for my glowing skin. She offers affordable package deals and when you’re at her clinic, it’s just you and Lisa so the whole treatment is very private and no distractions. She’s my go to person for my skin needs. Thank you Lisa 😊
Kat Adrien
Kat Adrien
March 18, 2023.
Microneedling I’ve been getting treatments from Lisa for over a year now. The services she has provided to me have been so exceptional, I feel like a walking billboard. Besides the miracle work she performed on my lip scar revision, I’ve gotten skincare treatment that has left my skin glowing and younger looking. I look forward to my routine skincare regimens with Lisa. She is the best aesthetician I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. My outward appearance has a whole new outlook. Thank you Lisa. You are the best!!!
June 12, 2021.
It’s such a beautiful clinic inside! Lisa is amazing! Very friendly explains the whole process. I had never been there before and now I recommend it. I had a messed up micro blading experience and she was able to fix the whole thing beautifully! She even contacted me for updates on my healing very personable!
Elizabeth Giron
Elizabeth Giron
April 24, 2021.
She is very professional and does excellent work I loved it 💕
Maria Dent-Turner
Maria Dent-Turner
September 14, 2020.
The decor is really comfortable, stylish and elegant with soft spa music or light jazz. Lisa took care to take safe COVID measures. She asked contact tracing questions, wore a mask, took my temp, and had hand sanitizer available throughout. I had a wonderfully relaxing facial that took care of my stubborn problem areas. My microblading and eye liner experience was scary but she put me at ease and managed any discomfort quickly. I'm really pleased with the outcome of my services!
Ellen Goldstein
Ellen Goldstein
March 14, 2020.
Lisa is so kind and her hydra facial was amazing! I am glowing!
grace crawford
grace crawford
February 29, 2020.
I'm so glad I chose Lisa to do my semi permanent make up! She spent a lot of time with me to plan and I'm so pleased with the final results. Loving my eyeliner and microbladed eyebrows. Every aspect was handled with professionalism, from the special touches at the clinic, communication, ensuring my comfort during the sessions, and the follow up contact. Thank you, Lisa, for your top notch services!!
Maam Saay (YOLO)
Maam Saay (YOLO)
November 24, 2019.
Lisa is a hidden gem! She's nice, patient and professional. I will recommend her.
Maria Montalvo
Maria Montalvo
September 10, 2019.
I probably have every skin issue you can think of. Dry skin, oily skin, black heads, white heads, sensitive skin, , bumps under the skin, and more. I had a Hydrofacial done and so far its the best facial I had in my whole life!! Lisa's spa is more than where you can go to take care of your skin, the whole process from the minute you walk inside the door is enjoyable, I have a hard time finding any businesses that care about my skin as much as she does! Lisa really knows her stuff, and she will take care of you as if it's her skin, you'll leave feeling and looking better then ever, especial if you have her do your Minkys eyelash extension, they looked like they were my own!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the results! Totally worth it, I highly recommend Lisa!!

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