You’ll Find At Daisi Permanent Makeup & Skincare Aesthetics

State-of-the-art innovations for each of the treatments we offer to our valuable clientele. Customized Permanent Makeup applications, previous colors correction methods, along with micro-needling are among many other Skincare and Cosmetic Services. We utilize superior products with accredited techniques and tools that give the personalized care the optimal long term results.

Cosmetic Services

We provide a wide variety of treatments for the improvement of the skin


Individualized treatments upon a skin analysis to attain health and rejuvenation of the skin.

Permanent Makeup

Enjoy an active lifestyle with your choice of permanent makeup without the hassle.

Eyebrow Shaping Treatments

Eyebrow Augmentation & Microblading

Achieve the look that completely compliments the rest of your face for either gender with partial or full eyebrow augmentation and microblading.

For sparse areas of the brow  – Fill in with natural fine hair strokes to match, simulate & enhance

Highly Specialized Technique  –  Recreate the natural look of your brow with feathered effect techniques of permanent makeup

Soft Subtle Shading  –  The combining of both the above techniques for the look you want today & beyond tomorrow



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