Skincare – Micro-needling

Micro-needling is a form of collagen rejuvenation therapy (CRT) and one of Daisi’s specialties. First developed by physicians in South Africa, skin needling was taken up by permanent cosmetic professionals due to their expertise using needles. It has proven to be a remarkably effective aesthetic procedure.

This micro-needling revitalizing treatment will restore your skin’s vitality and beauty. No more washed-out dull complexion. By stimulating your skin’s natural collagen and elastin, this rejuvenating therapy diminishes those unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, redness and environmental sun damaged areas, leaving you looking your best.

This treatment is designed to do the following:

  • Collagen & elastin reproduction
  • Smooth, tighter skin appearance
  • Treats wrinkles & frown lines
  • Treats acne pocks & post surgical scars
  • Assists with stretch marks
  • Promotes pore reduction
  • Optimizes rapid skin healing

Why micro-needling? – Radiant skin is achieved by restoring your skin’s health, its natural skin tone, texture, and elasticity. Micro-needling is a growing industry and world renowned beauty secret. With this procedure, we have seen great results in skin texture, tone, and overall appearance.

Studies have shown collagen rejuvenation therapy (CRT) to be less costly and less invasive to the tissue compared to more invasive and expensive treatments like Fractional Laser Therapy. Most importantly, it has been proven safe for all skin types. For clients with darker or Asian skin tones, there is also far less incidence of the hyper-pigmentation that is associated with the Fractional Laser.

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What does micro-needling entail? – A cluster of the tinniest needle configurations are used to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen and elastin. Micro-needling procedures can be performed with a variety of carefully formulated serums consisting of natural hyaluronic acids, copper peptides, and growth factors. These serums replenish, renew, and hydrate the skin, leaving it more supple and younger looking.

Industry proven topical anesthetics in the area of treatment are used to assure optimal comfort. A professional skin analysis and consultation is required in order to determine the recommended number of visits needed to assure optimal results. Continued use of a recommended skincare anti-aging regimen enhances the healing process.

Down time is minimal when compared to other cosmetic procedures. If necessary, treated skin is easily concealed with fresh mineral topical makeup.

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