Permanent Makeup – Eyeliner

In the wide range of permanent makeup, we offer quite a few options when it comes to Eyeliner to enhance your eyes. Wake up made up every day without worrying about having to apply makeup to look your best.

We start with a consultation and skin analysis to determine the health and condition of your skin around your eyes. Then we perform a color match mockup to insure selection of the best color pallet for your skin tone. This treatment is appropriate for the following options:

  • Eyelash Enhancement
  • Upper Lids Only
  • Natural Permanent Eyeliner
  • Guy-Liner
  • Full Permanent Eyeliner
  • Smudgy Makeup Eyeliner

As anyone who has tried, knows, that achieving perfect eyeliner can be tricky. It all comes right down to steady precision. Some in the past have settled for a longer-wearing brand of eyeliner but drudges having to take it off and reapply it.

A solution that has gained popularity and that we have here at Daisi Permanent Makeup and Cosmetics have become highly proficient at, is the Permanent Eyeliner option. Eyeliner tattoos have been around a long time and our steady hands have applied many a set to our clientele.

Additional Examples: To see more of the Before’s and After’s for all our Eyeliner applications click here

There are a variety of styles that are available to choose from and when you have your first consultation you can ask all the questions that come to mind, as well as the considerations that we know about that have yet to come to your mind. We look forward to exploring with you what looks can be done and what you desire the most.

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