Innovative Skincare



We provide a range of permanent makeup eyeliner services to enhance your eyes. Wake up made up every day without worrying about having to apply makeup to look your best.

Eyelash Enhancement 

Soft, subtle color placed only in the lash base to give definition to the eyelid rim. This makes the lashes appear denser, giving you the appearance of being bright and awake. Especially nice for those who wear little to no makeup, or have an active lifestyle and wish to appear put-together in any situation.

Upper Lids Only Eyeliner 

Some will choose the option of applying permanent eyeliner to the upper lids only. The lengthiest part of the eyeliner procedure work takes place in the upper lids, while in the majority of cases the lower liner is thin and very quick to apply. Lower lash line enhancement can be applied as an add-on service.

Natural Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

A thin but dense line of color placed in the lash line to give focus to the eyes. Options include a fuller wedge of color at the outer corners to give a lift to the eyes and open them up. Great for an “everyday” look, and can easily be augmented with traditional cosmetics for a more “glam” look.

Full Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

This option results in the definite appearance of wearing makeup. The effects can be subtle or bold, depending upon the color choice. We can also apply full eyeliner in the top lash line and place natural eyeliner in the lower lash line.

Smudgy Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Dense permanent eyeliner is applied to the top lash line, followed by a softer color wash above to create a softly powdered liner effect. This option requires two sessions.

Guy Liner 

We offer an oh-so-subtle color in the base of the lash line while enhancing the eyes.