Permanent Cosmetic and Body Art Tattoo Removal

We now are able to provide a better treatment for tattoo ink removal. Instead of putting in the tattoo ink, we can release it with new techniques that make adjustment procedures easier to gain the right look each of our clientele are looking for.

We start with a consultation and skin analysis to determine the health and condition of your skin. Then we perform a color match mockup to insure selection of the best color pallet for your skin tone. This treatment is appropriate for the following conditions:

  • Tattoo Ink “Bleeding”
  • Tattoo Ink Fading
  • Placement Issues of Ink
  • Prior Procedure Inaccuracies
  • New Desired Look
  • Ink No Longer Wanted

Natural Saline or TEPRSOL® Removal Benefits Over Laser Removal 

Lasers are commonly used to remove most black and brown tattoos. However, these treatments are traditionally very expensive, painful, and can cause blistering. Also, due to the laser’s inability to break down lighter colors or colors that are very similar to the patient’s skin tone, this method cannot treat certain ink colors. Moreover, lasers are not advisable for dark skin tones. In addition, older tattoos are harder to remove. Another important factor to consider is that ink placed in the deep layers of the skin is not reachable by conventional laser.

Additional Examples: To see more of the Before’s and After’s for all our Tattoo Removal applications click here

Perhaps most noteworthy, the time investment for laser removal (8 to 12 visits) can be more than double the time needed for saline treatments.  Consequently, laser treatments tend to be more costly (depending on the size of the tattoo area the provider will treat per visit). Finally, most lasers ultimately do not remove all pigment or ink tattoo colors. Consequently, more and more people are turning to Saline treatments for tattoo removal or adjustments.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Removal