Permanent Cosmetic  & Body Art Tattoo Removal

When you are working with procedures in the Aesthetic industry, there are many that are more permanent in nature. One of which is the Permanent Tattooing of certain areas of the face, head, & other places of the body. No matter where the tattoo you want to remove is found, we can now completely remove the ink that has been placed under the dermis by previous practitioners.

Body art designers & permanent cosmetic makeup professionals acclaim the Tatt2away® Tattoo Removal System as the most innovative natural tattoo-removal & re-design technology available today. Its patented tattoo-removal technology uses the natural ingredient TEPRSOL®, which removes all color pigments & ink.

The Tatt2away® Tattoo Removal System works using a technique similar to that used in applying a tattoo:

  • First, the skin is lightly abraded in a patented pattern to reduce scarring.
  • Rather than using ink, your technician then introduces a patented solution called TEPRSOL®.
  • TEPRSOL® relies on the body’s natural healing response to reject the ink from the body in the form of a scab; it actually removes the ink from the body.
  • Tatt2Away® treatments are designed to remove the tattoo in a series of visits for maximum results. Therefore the number of treatments depends on the size complexity, and location of the design. An average size tattoo (4 inches by 4 inches), may need 4 or 5 visits. we will determine the number of visits during the initial consultation.
  • Discomfort from the procedure is comparable to that of a tattoo application. Treatment sessions last about 20-30 minutes. Time between treatment sessions is usually about six to eight weeks.
Before's & After's - Our Tattoo Removal Examples found here

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