Innovative Skincare


Customized Facials

Daisi Permanent Makeup and Skincare Aesthetics provides a broad range of customized facials to suit the needs of our diverse clientele.

HydraFacial MD® 

Time: 30-60 min

The  award-winning, patented technology HydraFacial MD®, is a resurfacing procedure and non-invasive treatment. It cleanses, exfoliates, detoxifies, rejuvenates, and protects your skin. The unique Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system replenishes vital nutrients, providing immediate results and long-term benefits without downtime or irritation.

Utilizing super-serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, this innovative, multi-step treatment helps address the signs of aging. It protects skin from environmental damage, leaving it recharged, renewed, and invigorated. Thanks to the devices’ superior delivery system, these performing ingredients are able to more effectively mitigate environmental damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and plump and firm skin for immediate and long-term results. Read more about this treatment at the HydraFacial MD website.

Acne Serious Clarifying Facial

Time: 60 min

The facial uses natural fruit enzymes, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to soften the pores and prepare the skin for extractions. The benefits of this facial fitness treatment:

  • Dissolves impurities and keratinous plugs
  • Reduces acne breakouts
  • Diminishes and calms redness and make skin feel less irritated.

Rejuvenating Antioxidant Revitalizing Facial

Time: 60 min

Customized for your skin type and condition, our anti-oxidant facial is a powerful weapon against environmental aging. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving the skin more radiant and balanced. This rejuvenation and revitalizing facial soothes sensitive skin types that have been sun damaged, irritated by peels, laser therapies or skin conditions such as rosacea. We use natural rich antioxidants that eradicate toxins and other impurities on the skin. The result is completely cleansed skin that is rejuvenated.

  • Targets the client’s natural genetic pattern of aging and the environmental effect on the skin.
  • Customized for all skin types
  • Glycolic acid peels promote maximum exfoliation to reveal healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin. This skin-rejuvenating facial provides ultimate benefits for dramatically improving texture, tone and appearance.
  • Copper peptide and anti-oxidant serums replenish the skin
  • Encourages cell turnover
  • Diminishes fine line and wrinkles
  • Maximizes the improvement of the skins tone, texture and youthful appearance.

Anti-Aging Environmental Shield Facial

Time: 60 to 90 min

Renaissance 2 peel (R-2 ) is a powerful, highly effective peel that works to combat the effects of photo damage and environmental assaults. This facial relies on a specific blend of exfoliating acids-Lactic acid (AHA), Salicylic acid (BHA), and Resorcinol-with a PH range of 2 to3.

  • Delivers noticeable improvements after one peel in skin tone, texture and appearance.
  • Dramatic results after a series of treatments (series of 3 or more treatments at 3 to 4 week intervals).
  • The advances in the formulation of the R-2 peel makes it better tolerated with fewer risks and complications.

Sensitive and Youth Skincare Balancing and Clarifying Facial

Time: 60 min

This facial is designed for youths and young adults with acne prone skin. A deep cleaning, exfoliation with clarifying Glycolic acid peel provides the ideal ph environment for neutralizing oils and bacteria associated with oily and acneic skin types.

  • Balances and diminishes acne breakout
  • Skin corrective serums and a clarifying mask help fight blackheads while minimizing oil and redness.
  • Extractions facilitate purging the skin of impurities and keratinous plugs.

Daisi Signature Healthy Back Facial

Time: 60-90 min.

The back experiences environmental irritants, congested pores and dehydration similar to that of the face. Skin of the back can be oily, dry and sensitive. Daisi back facials were designed to address, improve, and calm back skin conditions. Exclusively designed to target and treat natural skin conditions of the back.  A perfect solution for clients who can appreciate the comforts of having healthy and radiant back skin.

  • Deep cleans and ph balances
  • Diminishes congestion and breakouts
  • Calms and diminishes redness
  • Hydrates to eliminate dryness
  • Rejuvenate and relieves sourness and tension.

Aromatherapy Facial

Time: 60 min

In aromatherapy we use natural oils. This not only remove the impurities from the skin layer but also help to bring back the skin’s pH balance.

Galvanic Daisi Spa Facial

Time: 60 min

During the Treatment cycle, the Galvanic instrument and the Treatment Gel are positively charged. These these charges repel each other, driving beneficial ingredients into the skin. This advanced technology is highly effective.