PMU Color Correction & Redesign

Yes, you can correct that unwanted smudgy blue-gray or faded orangey permanent makeup. With our state-of-the art color correction and design techniques, we can refresh your permanent makeup cosmetic eyebrows, eyeliner or lip color to give you an updated look.

The general public largely misunderstood permanent makeup in its earlier development. Knowledge was limited about how pigment remained in the skin and appeared over time. Today, Daisi brings a new generation of permanent makeup expertise with amazing results. As a leading certified permanent cosmetic makeup provider (CPCP), Daisi trained in color theory, insuring that the client is guaranteed the best professional care in obtaining the desired permanent makeup color correction and redesign.

Before's & After's - Our Permanent Makeup Corrections & Redesign Examples found here

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More Corrections & Redesigns - Our Additional Examples found here

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