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Lip Color

Our cosmetic services include permanent makeup lip color and blended color lip liner, which are aesthetically appealing ways to make the lips look vibrant and youthful. Permanent lip color pigment enhancements bring back the definition, color, and contour lost around the surface and borders of the lips. This procedure restores the symmetry and appearance of thin, unbalanced or scared lips and complements fillers or surgical implants. Join the women who have carefree all-day lip color. Just add gloss for a touch of shimmer.

Choose from these options:

Lip Line with Blending

Enhancing your lip shape, we create definition while adding an illusion of fullness. We recommend a color that mimics your natural lip tones.

Lip Blush

This permanent lip color procedure gives the appearance of a soft and natural hint of color, helping to re-define your lip shape and create a youthful look. You can change your look by applying your favorite gloss or lipstick for variety.

Full Lip Color

A full color application is ideal for those individuals who love lipstick or lip stains and don’t want to bother with the hassle of reapplying throughout the day. We can imitate your favorite lip color. All you need is your gloss and go!

A lip tattoo is not for everyone. We will perform an in-depth consultation to determine your candidacy for the process.

Those with severely sun damaged skin, chronic dry lips or a lot of deep wrinkles around the lips are not the optimal candidates. Ask about Daisi skincare and micro-needling therapies that can help the health and condition of your lips.

If you have a history of herpes simplex virus breakout in the lip area, it is protocol to pre-proscribe Valtrex prior to the lip color procedure. The prescription should be obtained from your primary care provide.

People of color, with darker, heavily pigmented lips or a “liver color” are not good candidates for a lip tattoo. Ethnicity plays a large role in lip tone and determines your candidacy for a lip procedure.

We are happy to consult with you to determine if lip color is a good choice for you.