Lip Color

Finding the perfect lip color to wear for the next few years can be intimidating. However, if you’re seeking a low-maintenance way to go lipstick-free, lip blushing could be right for you. Lip blushing tattoos are a form of semi-permanent makeup that deposits colored ink into the lips using a single mechanical needle.

Lip blushing tattoos enhance – not transform – the color of your lips. Often, the goal of the procedure is to smooth and even out the pigment through the area. Lip blushing also allows you to inject a wash of color into your lips – especially if the skin is particularly pale or dark. Even with the brighter pigment available, these shades typically look fairly subtle by the end of the lip blushing healing process.

A well-trained expert will be invaluable during the consultation to help you understand how different shades will interact with your natural lip color and what the final results will look like. Entering into your treatment appointment informed with knowledge on which colors suit your skin tone and your pigment preferences can help your consultation be guided towards your ideal shade.

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