Hair Restoration Treatments

Micro-needling allows for deeper penetration and greater distribution of the growth factor (GF) concentration. This induces the body’s natural repair response to stimulate damaged hair follicles. Moreover, Micro-needling Hair Growth Stimulation treatment nourishes hair follicles back to a state of ideal health. As a result, this minimally invasive procedure allows for a normal hair growth cycle that leads to notable improved hair growth and thicker, fuller looking hair.

Another option to address concerns about the appearance of hair loss is the Scalp Micro-pigmentation Hair Simulation, also known as Hair Simulation Tattoo camouflage. This simple, non-surgical solution to improve the appearance of hair loss is safe and effective. Hair simulation camouflage will leave you with the appearance of real hair follicles, no matter what stage of hair loss you are experiencing. And perhaps most importantly, within minutes of your treatment, you will notice significant coverage of unwanted bald spots and fuller looking hair.

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