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Medical Micropigmentation for Skin Camouflage Treatments

We offer several Medical Micropigmentation treatments for skin camouflage that can help diminish the unsightly appearance of post-cosmetic or traumatic surgical scars, hypo-pigmented skin spots, vitiligo, male hairline baldness tattoo, and female alopecia hair loss. We strive to empower our clients, especially those with the daily challenge of having to camouflage or conceal these conditions.

We start with a consultation and skin analysis to determine the health and condition of your skin. Then we perform a color match mockup to insure selection of the best color pallet for your skin tone.

Similar to the permanent makeup procedures, successful treatment and lasting results require realistic expectations and following recommended touch-up maintenance visits.

Types of medical Micropigmentation services we provide include:


We provide areola restoration for clients who have had breast augmentation for cosmetic enhancements and for breast cancer survivors. In both client scenarios, surgical procedures present similar aesthetic post-surgical traumatic breast tissue scaring and areola discoloration issues. When the reconstructive surgical process is complete, there is a nice breast mound, often with a surgically created nipple. However, the color found in a natural breast areola/nipple complex is absent or discolored.

areola restoration

The first step is to give our clients medical re-pigmentation choices based on the health and condition of the breast. Our goal is to artistically recreate and restore the breast’s symmetry and natural appearance. We thus provide an aesthetic option to create the nipple bud without having to undergo additional surgery.

Paramedical tattooing utilizes the same technology and similar techniques used in permanent makeup to recreate the appearance of the natural breast areola. In addition, we create three-dimensional design shading, using skin tones as a guide for color selection. And we do careful measurements to ensure the correct size and symmetry of the areola. As a result, this specialized process of shading and highlighting creates an amazingly realistic areola.

Areola restoration pigmentation also gives the illusion of a natural nipple. If the nipple is intact, we use customized color pallets to give the best natural appearance to the areola and surrounding tissues. Perhaps most importantly, this valued cosmetic restoration treatment contributes to the emotional healing process following traumatic surgical procedures and post-surgical augmentation.

In consultation, we will determine the appropriate micro-pigmentation technique and customized treatment plan.



Skin doesn’t always bounce back if it has been stretched by pregnancy, weight gain or extreme weight loss. Instead, it becomes marred by a form of scarring called stretch marks or striae. Stretch marks often start off as reddish or purplish in color and then become glossy skin that appears streaked in silver or white. These marks occur in the dermis, the elastic middle layer of skin that allows it to retain its shape. However, when constantly stretched, the dermis can break down leaving behind unsightly marks. Men and women can get stretch marks on several areas of their bodies, including the abdominal area, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms or lower back.

Today there is finally a treatment that can significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks: micropigmentation camouflage.

We perform personalized consultations to determine your candidacy for realistic improvement. Fees are based upon the size of the area to be treated. A treatment plan and fee schedule will be discussed at your consultation.