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Airbrush Camouflage Makeup

Topical Semi-Permanent Airbrush Camouflage Makeup

Daisi provides custom-blended, airbrushed camouflage permanent makeup to meet your needs for all occasions. Be confident around the clock with our dura formula camouflage makeup technique:

  • waterproof and sweatproof
  • non-transferable
  • long-lasting
  • natural-looking and thorough coverage

Camouflage makeup covers or corrects unsightly stretch marks, tattoos, or age spots anywhere on the body. It can also serve as semi-permanent eyebrow makeup to help conceal hair loss from pregnancy, cancer treatments or alopecia. The flexibility of this techniques makes it ideal for large or small areas.

Daisi uses a professional-grade airbrush makeup technique also used for print and runway models. We can customize makeup colors to hide the most difficult tattoo ink or skin discolorations.