Airbrush Camouflage Makeup

Tedious makeup reapplications take time and effort – day in, day out.  So why not take the tedium out of your beauty routine with semi-permanent makeup. When you want  semi-permanent makeup, it can provide you with long-lasting beauty results: from lips, to brows, to eyeliner – we have you covered.

On average, women spend approximately 55 minutes per day on hair and makeup. This equates to approximately 335 hours – or two full weeks – of makeup application per year! Just think of the time you would save every year if you didn’t have to spend time doing your makeup everyday. When you choose to utilize an airbrush makeup application it takes a mere 5 minutes, max—with the same absolutely flawless results.

Additionally, when it comes to scars and pesky stretch marks that don’t easily lessen, receiving our airbrushing treatment can give you a longer “short-term” solution for that evening out or sunny vacations.

There is simply no makeup lighter than airbrushing. It never feels caked on like a regular makeup regimen can. Get yours done today, and wait for the “oohs” and “ahs” to roll in.


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