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Beauty Marks

Customized Beauty Marks

Daisi Permanent Makeup Aesthetics & Custom Skin Care can provide you with a customized beauty mark well suited to your face that will not smear, fade or wash off. With a selected color harmonized with your skin tone, the results are both subtle and noticeable.

Why should I consider applying a beauty mark?

People have many personal reasons for applying beauty marks. Adding a touch of character and sophistication to your face can be professionally created through our micro-pigmentation techniques. Beauty marks are also suitable if you have a scar, age spot or acne scar that you wish to conceal.

How are beauty marks created?

In the designated area, a small, naturally colored mark is tattooed to replicate the look of a beauty mark. It is done with some slight asymmetry so as not to appear too perfect and artificial. Some people have a natural mark that has faded with age and time. In cases where a small mark is naturally present and one wishes to enhance or enlarge the mark, the natural color is matched and applied. If there is any texture at the sight or a raised area, it is necessary to consult with your dermatologist to ensure that is it safe to apply color.