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Minkys Eyelash Extensions

The new volume building technique of Minkys eyelash extensions makes even the thinnest eyelashes look longer. They also provide thickness and volume, making your eyelashes appear bolder, fuller and more natural looking.

minkys eyelash extensions - certified professional

The extensions are individually placed on each natural lash hair. Designed to protect the integrity of your natural lashes, each Minkys eyelash extension exfoliates as the natural life cycle of your individual lashes evolves.

This service is:

  • Unique – Patented Minkys trays have 14 different lash options. Minkys lashes come in an array of curls to suit your style. They are available in rich black for the lashinista in all of us.  The are also available in luxurious brown for those who love full yet understated lashes.
  • Flexible and Soft – Minkys lashes mimic your natural eyelash on high volume! Minkys feel like your own lashes with mascara on—but without the daily prep and mess. They are longer and lusher than mascara lashes.
  • Long Lasting – Swim, workout, go to the spa, live your life! Minkys will be there with you the whole time.

Complement Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

If you want to wear Minkys and you have permanent makeup eyeliner, no problem. Simply complete your liner color sessions and heal fully before receiving your Minkys eyelash extensions. When it is time for your permanent makeup touch up, have your lash extensions removed one week prior to the eyeliner refresh appointment.


Maintain and enhance your Minkys eyelash extensions using the recommended Minkys shampoo and our specially formulated Minkys volume mascara.

Specialty Color Splash Minkys EyeLash Extensions

Specialty Minkys fun lashes extension colors are available for those who desire dramatically colorful bold and beautiful lashes.

Daisi is a Minkys certified extention professional.