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Hair Restoration Treatments

Today, about 50% of men and 40% of woman are experiencing various genetic, hormone and stress related hair loss. And while thinning hair and balding are often more embarrassing for women, both men and women are seeking esthetic hair restoration solutions to this problem.

Daisi offers micro-needling hair restoration and cosmetic hair micro pigmentation (hair and follicle simulation tattoo) procedures. These services are known to help stimulate hair growth and improve the appearance of thinning hair and baldness.

Micro-needling Hair Growth Stimulation

45 to 60 min / Consultation required for pricing

This Hair Growth Stimulation restoration treatment utilizes advanced micro-needling therapy to improve the overall condition of the scalp. Using strong serums and proteins that accelerate the body’s response and help regenerate damaged hair follicles, this treatment increases the circulation of select growth factor (GF) proteins found in young, healthy hair follicles.

Micro-needling is a technique that allows for deeper penetration and greater distribution of the growth factor (GF) concentration. This induces the body’s natural repair response to stimulate damaged hair follicles. Micro-needling Hair Growth Stimulation treatment nourishes hair follicles back to a state of ideal health. As a result, this minimally invasive procedure allows for a normal hair growth cycle that leads to improved hair growth and thicker, fuller looking hair.

A consultation is required to determine the number of sessions required for your individual treatment needs. Little down time is associated with this procedure.

hair restoration treatments

Micro-pigmentation Hair Simulation (hair simulation tattoo camouflage)

Scalp Micro-pigmentation Hair Simulation is a simple, non-surgical solution to improving the appearance of hair loss. It is safe and effective. Hair simulation camouflage will leave you with the appearance of real hair follicles, no matter what stage of hair loss you are experiencing. Within minutes of your treatment, you will notice significant coverage of unwanted bald spots and fuller looking hair.

Micro-pigmentation Hair Simulation uses microblade and/or traditional pen tattoo techniques to simulate hair follicles. This adds volume and gives the appearance of fuller looking hair coverage. It is an ideal solution for men and women who are tired of topical hair powders and hair filler fiber products or just looking for alternatives. An added bonus is that this treatment often aids in scalp stimulation and circulation needed to help facilitate new hair growth.